Aluminum cable industry "to a...

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Despite the obvious advantages of aluminum cables, it is not easy to "substitute aluminum" for copper in a short period of time.
People have to accept new things have a process, the same is true of aluminum cables, companies have to do is continue to create success stories, so that more people feel the new cable to experience the changes.
As the saying goes, no rules no success. Domestic aluminum conductor cables due to the lack of relevant industry standards, the market is not standardized. China's cable industry standards lag, and Europe and other countries there are some gaps in the standard system. The lack of a unified national standard has become the biggest obstacle to the promotion of aluminum alloy cables. If this problem can be solved, the aluminum alloy cable will get more development in China.
    China's aluminum alloy cable does not correspond to the industry standards or national standards, resulting in the design, procurement, use, acceptance, no standards can be. Aluminum cable in the domestic promotion and application of a few years time, its market share, application area is increasing year by year. Users of aluminum alloy cable experienced a conflict, questioned, understood and accepted several stages.
    However, the good news is that at present China has begun to develop aluminum single-and aluminum power cables related to national standards and industry standards, is now in the approval stage.
    The standard promulgated, the largest wire and cable procurement unit - National Grid is expected to be included in the purchase of aluminum cables, so that the aluminum alloy cable to obtain greater room for development. Some experts believe that the development of aluminum alloy conductor industry standards for low voltage cables, product evaluation and quality control laid the foundation for standardizing the product market is an important means and measures.
    Aluminum cable companies should seize the opportunity to reshuffle the industry.
    China's cable industry still exists in the overall level of product quality is not high, jerry-building, manufacturing and selling off the quality of dishonesty and illegal phenomena, the quality of the safety, environmental protection and health risks. These are all current problems to be solved, and the solution of these problems will surely speed up the whole industry reshuffle.