The next five years, six cab...

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The next five years, high-temperature superconducting technology, carbon fiber cables, environmental protection materials, aluminum-copper technology, aluminum rare earth optimization of technology and "thin small process" six cable technology will help cable companies win the first opportunity.
High-temperature superconducting technology has the advantages of relatively low price, large capacity, low loss, no electromagnetic pollution and so on, so it has been paid much attention in the world. Many countries have raised the development of superconducting industry to a strategic level. China has made major breakthroughs in HTS technology. In August 2013, the largest length of superconducting cable running in the ITER plant under the supervision of ITER Program headquarters officials was CB - 765 meter CB (factory standard) superconducting cable conductor in silver Colored long-pass company off the assembly line. In addition, the state related programs also support "HTS transmission" major projects. At present, China imports about 2 billion yuan of high-temperature cables each year from abroad for domestic construction. It is estimated that the market of global superconductor applications will reach 244 billion U.S. dollars (about 1,488.9 billion yuan) by 2020, and the high-temperature superconducting cables account for about 5% Share. Therefore, the development and application of HTS technology will be an important technology in the wire and cable industry in the future.
Carbon fiber cable is also famous in recent years, carbon fiber cable as a traditional ACSR (bare wire) alternative products, mainly used in 110kv-220kv line. Compared to conventional ACSR, ACCC has a 29% increase in aluminum cross-sectional area and a 20% lighter weight per unit length, so ACCC can greatly increase line capacity and reduce the allowable overhang loss. By replacing a large number of ordinary wires with ACCC wires, the power grid company can realize grid expansion without adding any new lines, greatly saving land, towers and construction costs and meeting energy conservation and efficiency policy directions. Carbon fiber composite wire will be a revolutionary alternative to existing wire and offer new growth opportunities for those who have a strong competitive edge in the carbon fiber composite wire industry.
Although China's downstream cable market is still in the high-end cable needs to be imported, but it is foreseeable that, with the continuous improvement of these six cable technology, will soon be able to solve this problem.