Yangzhou Bao wins cable factory specializing in the production of polyurethane cable, has many years of production experience. Production technicians have a wealth of expertise, so far have been proficient in a variety of polyurethane cable production technology, products are widely used in aerospace, automotive, shipbuilding, electric power, mineral development and other industrial fields. Spiral cable is mainly used in construction machinery: electronic leveling system, longitudinal wave instrument, wave instrument, material sensors and electronic balance beam. Products with oil, high elasticity, high wear resistance, high tear strength, good weather resistance, resistance to microbial invasion, heat and flame retardant and so on. According to your special requirements for your design and production of various special specifications of products. High-quality Po-licensing spiral cable for your equipment and engineering to provide quality services and security.
Company's main products
There are spiral cable, spring cable, spiral wire, spring wire, spring wire, slingshot cable, CNC machine tool spiral cable, spring wire, 18 core paver with spiral cable, automotive (ABS) with spiral cable, spring wire , Lighthouse lighting vehicle spiral cable, power tools spring wire, spring wire, coil wire, shielded spiral cable, spring wire, coil wire, towing screw cable, spring wire, mining series of signal spring wire, coil, construction machinery Use spiral cable, spring wire, mobile lighting spring wire, seismic geophysical cable, water level tester PU spring wire, flexible control cable, polyurethane outer sheath control: and connecting cable, feedback cable, sensor lead, generator connection cable, Survey cable, seawater resistant cable. Yangzhou City, Po win cable factory is the production of electronics, electrical appliances, instruments, machinery, automotive wiring harness with the precision of the professional manufacturers.
The main products include
TPU / TPE / PVC series of spiral cable; spring line. Slingshot line. Oil, corrosion resistance, hydrolysis resistance, UV resistant flexible power cord; flexible control cable; tow cable; towline cable; high temperature, anti-aging, anti-microbial , Environmentally friendly flexible cable; environmentally friendly flexible analog and data integrated cable. In recent years, according to the market changes and our new situation of China's accession to the WTO, the original products are updated and upgraded, and international common products are manufactured in accordance with international standards such as UL, VDE and CSA. The use of the product features closer to the user, the electrical properties more secure, more efficient delivery, more attentive service. Our products are always centered on the health and environmental protection, all for the sake of users, all for the protection of the environment profit. To science and technology as a precursor to tomorrow's market is our factory's work principle: to protect the interests of users, customer satisfaction is my factory's goal. We welcome new and old customers coming guidance!